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Blue Frosted Base Diamond Impress Acrylic

Blue Frosted Base Diamond Impress Acrylic


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Featuring a 1-inch-thick construction, the Frosted Base Diamond Impress Acrylic is the ideal choice to recognize and commemorate in style. Three sophisticated hues – blue, gold and silver – are available and all of them are complemented by a laser- or rotary-engraved clear acrylic engraving area, allowing for customized personalization. 

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    Premier Acrylic is the ultimate way to recognize and honor. Frosted Base Diamond Impress Acrylics are 1 inch thick and offer a unique look. These come in 3 colors- blue, gold and silver with a clear acrylic engraving area. It is easily customizable by either rotary engraving or laser engraving.

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    • Sophisticated presentation
    • Professional quality
    • Customizable